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  1. Chris,
    I’m building a test track for Pinewood Derby cars out of particle board, what would you recommend for a paint for the track surface.

    Chuck Stailey

    1. Hi Chuck, Sorry I didn’t see your message amongst all the spam my inbox gets. But in reply to what kind of paint to use for a pinewood derby track I’d suggest a gloss epoxy as my first choice but that might be rather expensive. So I’d suggest anything with a full gloss over a sanded primer. make that a carefully sanded primer. Since the wheels will be riding against the edge of the raised guide strip, if one lanes edges are a little rougher that the other lanes, you’ll end up with one lane faster than the other. I think two coats of primer, sanding with 220 between each coat and the final coat of oil based or epoxy would treat the racers right.

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